Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Means to a Distracted Life

"Asleep in the materialist dream where only money and beauty matter, many young people care only about what other people think of them, while trying to be what they think other people want them to be. Without the guidance of any believable moral authority, they look to movie stars, music idols, and sporting heroes as their role models. They take their values from fashionable pop culture trends, and they live their lives learning mostly from their mistakes. When the world fails to provide them with anything worth believing in, they often become cynical, suspicious of authority, rebellious, angry at life, and sometimes even self destructive.

As they stumble through one life-crisis after the next, disillusioned by society, isolated by failing relationships, and burdened by years of shameful memories and regrets, they become yet another lost generation, looking for comfort in the wisdom of television pop psychologists, or seeking guidance from the growing industry of self-help books and seminars. They are told to stay positive and not to focus on negatives; the path to happiness and financial success is through courage, discipline, self-respect, and commitment.

However, the pop psychologists cannot risk losing market share by challenging popular myths, and so they fail to provide any real answers to the deeper questions that people are asking. They treat the symptoms using motivational therapy rather than curing the disease by offering peace of mind through understanding."


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