Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Burning Passion

Whenever I look into the eyes of the many,
I see the faults and greeds within their souls.
The errs that have been instilled into their minds since birth,
by a cruel and misinformed system.
It is tragic, standing there before them, but I fear not.
I must ultimately rise to the occasion.
The faults of the many can be overcome.
Ideals are meant to be attained.
I will make my ideals a reality,
overcoming the doubts of those who say it cannot be done.
I am not giving up, no matter how alienating it seems.
I will not give up.

When you look into my eyes,
what do you see?
Beyond the glazed daze,
can you feel my fire?
The blaze motivates me,
but it's still fire.
It burns from within.
I dream of relinquishing the fire.
Will you help me put out the fire?
It is not an easy task.
I cannot do it alone.
The fire becomes life.
It is a lifestyle of its own,
and must not be ignored.

I dream of taking your hand,
and walking with you through the fire.
Step by step,
we will help each other.
Won't you come with me?
But alas,
I know it is not to be.
The fire is dangerous,
and I should not expect you venture into it.
But what if you did?
How special would that be?
How strong you would become,
and lonely, I would not be.

Come with me. We shall overcome the fire.

- Teddy Grahams

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