Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Sometimes I feel like a dinosaur. I am stuck in the middle of a beautiful desert oasis with lots of my dino-friends. The oasis has plentiful water and tree stars so we are free to enjoy our dino-lives as much as we want. The only drawback would be that we cannot leave the area for very long. Outside of our little oasis exists a dry and lifeless landscape spanning for miles and miles. If we leave the confines of our oasis bad things could happen to us. Now, to clear things up we did not personally choose to be in this desert oasis (or anywhere else for that matter), rather, we were born here--each and every one of us. But again, it is not necessarily a bad thing because we have all we need and are loved significantly by our wonderful families.

Many times I overhear my dino-friends talking about things. They talk of how they want to have lots of dino-babies for various reasons. Now don't get me wrong, I love dino-babies (and even more so youthasaurs), but I am starting to get worried. It seems obvious to me that there is plenty of room for the dino-babies right now, but what is going to happen to the dino-babies' babies (our generation's dino-grandbabies)? There is not enough water nor enough tree stars to support a drastically higher amount of dinosaurs. I try to bring this up to my dino-friends but they are too caught up in the amazing emotions of having dino-babies. It is certainly a great experience, I'd bet, but I am seriously worrying about running out of tree stars.

There's another thing my dino-friends have been talking about too. They do not stop talking about Hannah Dinosanna. In case you didn't know, Hannah Dinosanna is a popular singer in our oasis. She has a so-so voice, really. I am worried that my dino-friends have been caring too much about her. I used to talk to them a lot, but now whenever I see them they have dIno-pods stuck in their ears and are singing Hannah Dinosanna songs. I really do miss chatting with them...

Oh! I almost forgot something that is so silly. There are actually dinosaurs in this oasis that are buying bottled tree stars. Can you believe it? Why on Earth would any dinosaur want tree stars in a bottle?!? Some of my dino-friends say they like the bottled tree stars because they are safer and have less dino-poo on them. Now, maybe I am missing something here but I know that the bottled tree stars come from the same place as the regular tree stars. What silly dinosaurs!

Recently I've noticed that a lot of dinosaurs that live on the outskirts of our oasis trying to get into our oasis. You would not believe how territorial the oasis dinos get! They have actually built up a wall to keep extra dinosaurs from getting into our oasis. And the stories I hear from outside the oasis are horrible! Some of the dinos don't have any water so they die of deydration. Others have no tree stars to eat so they starve to death. Others fall into the dino-hands of T-rex Incorporated. In case you did not know, T-rex Incorporated is a large group of upscale T-rexes that run a huge business. They travel all over the desert and hire dinosaurs that live on the outskirts of oasises to sew dino-clothes. Once the dino-clothes are made the T-rexes eat the lower-class dinosaurs alive! Dino-fashion is so silly, I don't know why my dino-friends buy dino-fashion from T-rex Incorporated. I keep trying to spread the news of T-rex Incorporated's morbib employment policies but my dino-friends are too busy to listen (probably because of Hannah Dinosanna).

Sometimes when the sun goes down I love laying out under the stars and talking with my dino-friends about the world, its future, and what we can do to make it better. Usually they just talk about their hot dino-crushes (did you see the size of his jaw muscles?!?) and who they want to have dino-babies with. Sometimes they talk about the Double-D (Dinomania Danceclub) or the DFL (Dinosaur Football League). It seems like Hannah Dinosanna gets mentioned in every other sentence! Oh the madness!

Usually when I bring up the Earth's future my dino-friends listen to me, but my words go in one of their ears and out the other. They can tell I am disturbed by all of the bad things going on in the world. They also can tell that some of the things they do disturb me too. Every time this happens they tell me that I am thinking to much. They tell me I cannot save the world. And at least with this aspect I agree with them, I can't save the world. But I think they are missing the point. I am not trying to save the world. I am trying to save the common decency in dinomanity. I don't want the art of mindlessness to terminally infect my dino-friends. They are great dinosaurs and I love them. But then again, maybe I am taking everything too seriously. I only have so much time on Earth and won't be able to make much progress in life anyways. Maybe I should just lay down a little and crank up some of that Hannah Dinosanna.

After all, it's not like dinosaurs are going to become extinct...

Find the problem,
obtain the courage,
make the change.

-Teddy Grahams

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  1. whoa.

    this is the first chapter of your book.
    it's the complete childern's addition.


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