Monday, April 6, 2009

The Secret Death of Bees

"Imagine if 1 in 3 pigs started dying mysteriously or 1 in 3 cows? That would be likely to hit the front page and additional millions, perhaps billions of dollars would be immediately poured into research to find the cause and cure.

Let's say that major food crops were under a real and imminent threat - likely that would evoke the same response.

But it hasn't.

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder killed off about 29 percent of the USA's bee population last year. The bees are dying at unsustainable rates, but this crisis gets little coverage given the major threat it poses.

So why is it a crisis and what's the link between bees and food?

Bees do so much more than supply honey and beeswax.

Bee pollination of crops, something that most farmers heavily rely on, is responsible for as much as 30% of the U.S. food supply. Where bees are not available, they are called in, with apiarists (bee keepers) traveling around the country to provide the services of their hives."

Below is a great documentary made by PBS titled Silence of the Bees. The problem with the vanishing bees in not necessarily the loss of honey but the loss of pollination

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