Saturday, May 2, 2009


When I walk into the room I notice them.
Their clothing and accessories scream it aloud,
"I am unique!"
As if we are supposed to treat them differently or something,
when in reality they are appearing blandly the same as everyone else,
placing importance on clothing, hair styles, facial hair, and makeup.

I wish we humans would focus on the character from within,
instead of valuing hidden blemishes and generic designs.
A shirt is a shirt whether it is green or pink, dotted or striped.
Show me your acne and let me embrace it.
The bags under your eyes? Dazzling!
Blemishes are perfection.
Do not hide your blemishes.
How boring is a sky when clear of all clouds?
For it is the clouds that make the sky so intriguing and magnificent.
Fear not the natural state.
It is resplendent and grand.

Free yourselves!
Put down the shopping bags and credit cards!
Discard the cologne and mascara!
Give your clothes away!
Love yourself, not what is on you!
You are free!
You are beautiful!

-Teddy Grahams


  1. Beautiful post, Teddy Grahams, just wonderful!

  2. First of all, I LOOOOOVE that picture. Second of all, what WOULD THE sky be without the clouds, SO TRUE!! Awesome.

  3. Thanks, thanks! Beauty is something very special that all possess if approached in a natural manner, contrary to how it is valued in the mainstream today.

    I love the picture too, Anna. Without the clouds the beauty would vanish!

    Not to mention... When I think of makeup I think of a mortician covering up a decomposing body. It is so unnatural!


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