Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Unknown Journey

Throughout my life I've found myself walking alone in a forest. My destination has always been unknown, but I continuously try to figure it out. In result, I venture deeper and deeper into the wooded, dark abyss, seeking a worthy locale to spend my future at. Unfortunately, it is extremely dark, and the sun's nightly vacation from the skies has made it difficult to see anything. I thought carrots were supposed to increase night vision, but my experiences have proved otherwise. Each step I take results in a thorn in my leg or a branch in my face. I am lost. My journey is a mess.

But oh! Through the treacherous, shadowy landscape emerges a wonderful friend of mine! In my friend's hand is a flashlight, the beacon of brightness that can clearly and presumptuously show me where I am headed towards. After a quick physical embrace, my friend gives me the light and I hold it in my hand. I think for a moment and then point it back towards my friend who looks at me puzzled, and while squinting asks why I am not using it to move deeper into the forest. After a moment of silence I explain.

The flashlight cannot help me with my journey. I may be in the middle of a darkened wilderness, but the true journey exists within myself, spiritually and emotionally. Where I end up geographically is of secondary importance. I shine light on others because it is they who guide me through danger, instill me with inspiration, and most importantly, brighten my life, everyday.

On this night, for my friend, I am returning some of the light that I have received for so long.

- Teddy Grahams

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