Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Predator

I am a prey. My predator lurks everywhere I go. I cannot get away from it. The predator lurks around each corner, and has an insurmountable number of appearances.

I am hunted. The predator devours every human in sight. I fear I am next. I have escaped the predator's morbid grip once, but I worry my luck will some day run out. Why have I survived this long when others have been snatched up since birth?

I fear. I do not fear the predator anymore, rather, I fear its effects on those around me. What can I do to revive them from the darkness that goes unnoticed?

I am overwhelmed. I cannot defeat this wildebeest alone. The predator has far greater powers than I have. It will take an enormous army of humans to eliminate the predator.

I am running out of time. If I do not act swiftly, the predator will have devoured every human on Earth, and shortly after, the Earth itself.

I am stubborn. I refuse to let the predator consume my soul, even when not doing so results in abandonment from others who blindly support the predator.

I spread. The only way to defeat the predator is by making its dangers known to others. Then there is at least a chance for others to act upon what they learn, furthering the predator resistance.

I need. I wholeheartedly desire to have you with me. We must overcome the predator together.

I feel. I do not want you to be another victim. Your depth is bewildering beyond belief, and is now starting to blossom. Come with me on this lifelong journey. Your potential is infinite.

I love. Your true beauty is amazing. Your strengths are different than mine, and dazzlingly radiate outward in an unforeseen number of ways. Can you see it, too?

I plead. Will you join me? Will you help me fight the predator?

Together, we will rise up.

Together, we will defeat the darkness.

Together, the institution will be overcome.

Let's do this.

-Teddy Grahams

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