Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ode of an Inmate

I am a prisoner,
trapped in my cell.
My freedom comes in eight months,
but eight months is a long time.
My prisonmates not only dislike me,
but they love prison culture.
To me this lifestyle is suffocating,
but what difference does it make?
I am a prisoner.
Amidst the laughs and smiles, I stand here, empty and unfulfilled.
I try to gel with my prisonmates, but fail.
They would rather make license plates than talk to me.
Or maybe they are just too busy doing prisonly things.
Either way, mindlessness runs rampant.
I am a prisoner,
fed up with good behavior.
Taming one's desires leaves a void in the heart.
My emotions are strong and have kept me afloat.
I am a prisoner.
The ones who truly know my depth
now shield themselves from my presence.
They are scared--of me, and what I say.
Nobody wants to talk to the bearer of bad news.
I am a prisoner.
I refuse to be silent.
Is it really bad news, or simply reality?
Why do the masses refuse to have their ways questioned?
I am a prisoner.
I have been out of this cell before.
Life is vibrant and wonderful beyond these bars.
If only I could share this with all.
It would be most excellent.
But again, I am a prisoner
The darkness looms everywhere.
I try to fight it with smiles and a warm heart,
but to what end?
I fail.
I am alone and I fail.

I am a prisoner.

- Teddy Grahams -

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