Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Disregarding the Lives of Birds

‘The pitch of the engine said it all,’ said plane-spotter Juergen Kienast, who took these dramatic pictures.
‘It was like sticking a bit of metal pipe into a blender.’


The firm of Curry & Kerlinger, LLC (who serve as “consultants to the wind power industry on birds and other wildlife issues”) has an interesting set of stats about the various ways that birds are killed each year:

Deaths annually from (descending ranking):

* Glass Windows: 100 to 900+ million
* Electrical Transmission lines: “up to 174 million"
* House Cats: 100 million
* Hunting: 100+ million
* Autos/Trucks: 50 to 100 million
* Agriculture: 67 million
* Communications Towers: 4 to 10 million
* Oil and Gas Extraction: 1 to 2 million
* Power line electrocutions: >1,000


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