Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Tragedy of the Usai Nation: A Political Allegory

A long time ago, well before the age of kings and queens, there was an exotic tribe of humans known as the Usai. What follows, is their tragic, politically induced tale.

In the beginning, the Usai were very cunning and persistent. They subsisted for many seasons, and rarely suffered debilitating hardships, even when others nearby did.

One of the keys to survival for the Usai was their mystifying system of governance, known as “Tauk”. The Usai loved to Tauk, and held Tauking ceremonies once every sixteen seasons.

When the time came, the tribesmen, tribeswomen, and the tribal animals gathered together for the Tauk ritual during which a new leader was chosen.

Throughout the Tauking ceremony, the Usai Nation divided themselves into two groups. One of the groups dressed themselves in red-colored war paint, while the other group wore blue. The Usai people chose which group to join based largely on whichever group their family elders were a part of, and also how much tribal wealth they had acquired. The differences between the groups were trivial, at best, but still, it made for a stirring event.

Once divided, the two groups began a special ritual. During this ritual, each group amassed as much animal dung as they could afford. They next smeared the dung all over the opposing group. Whichever group smeared the most dung got to consign their wealthiest member as the next chief of the Usai Nation.

Throughout the existence of Usai Nation, the tribespeople often looked up to their chief. He (the chief was never a woman) was whom they depended on in times of strife.

As the seasons went on, the living conditions slowly deteriorated. During one of the Tauking ceremonies, the tribe reached their breaking point. After the countless number of Tauking ceremonies, the Usai landscape had become deeply entrenched in dung.

Everything was so profoundly covered in dung that nothing could be accomplished. And worse yet, the dung was not even biodegradable—it was synthetically devised to give each rivaling group an advantage for the Tauks. In result, the crops were no longer growing healthily, the animals were full of disease, and the Usai people were covered in thousands of seasons’ worth of poop, and toxic chemicals that mimic poop.

During this horrific event, the Usai people pleaded for their chief, Boh’rk to save them all. Energetically, Boh’rk did all he could. The man spoke of change and offered hope to all. He helped keep, what he thought to be, several key components of the tribe afloat during this time of strife. Nonetheless, with each effort, more and more dung covered the tribe. Boh’rk and his tribe were in trouble.

With each coming sunrise, the synthetic dung increasingly began to take on a life of its own. Astonishingly, the now-mentally disturbed tribespeople started treating the blobs as equals. Hanging around with poo for so long takes its toll, and at some point one begins to view the crap as human. The name the Usai gave to this poo-human mimic was “Korp’Rahshn.”

Soon after, in a fatal turn of events, the Usai Nation could endure no more. The Korp’Rashns overcame their creators, and sucked the life out of every organism throughout the land.

The blobs essentially took advantage of a smear-based tribal-political system, which forced the Usai Nation to share their human rights with them, whether the humans themselves wanted to or not. In result, the tribe fell apart, and the residents waned in pain, helpless and confused, spurned by the very laws they created.

Though this tale is tragic, it serves a meaningful purpose. There is no messiah who can save an entire country that has been abused for generation after generation. A nation built upon a foundation of smears, intentionally or unintentionally, needs a massive overhaul. We will never achieve this through a trifling, two party, political system that treats heartless corporations as human equals.

- Teddy Grahams

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