Sunday, February 27, 2011

Guns, Drugs, And... Harriet Tubman?

"Or what about the Underground Railroad? If Harriet Tubman weren't doing anything wrong, she would have had nothing to hide. But Harriet Tubman broke the law by rescuing slaves and helping them escape. She carried opiates with her, and she carried a gun. The opiates were to calm the people she was transporting in case they got too frightened, and the gun was to shoot them if they wouldn't stop screaming. Here was someone operating in gross violation of what we would consider to be the law, and yet she did extraordinary things through a terrible time. And now in retrospect she's written up in fourth grade textbooks as a heroine.

If the power is wrong, sometimes fighting the power is the right thing to do."

- Katherine Albrecht, in Derrick Jensen's Resistance Against Empire

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  1. I wish it was easier to find out about her negatives.


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