Saturday, February 26, 2011

Personal Update

"A major contributor to the genesis of many diseases... is an overload of stress induced by unconscious beliefs. If we would heal, it is essential to begin the painfully incremental task of reversing the biology of belief we adopted very early in life. Whatever external treatment is administered, the healing agent lies within. The internal milieu must be changed. To find health, and to know it fully, necessitates a quest, a journey to the center of our own biology of belief. That means rethinking and recognizing--re-cognizing: literally, to 'know again'--our lives."

- Gabor Mate, When The Body Says No

So after thousands of dollars worth of medical testing, I am still sick. Finding a doctor who treats me as an equal and who does not give me pocketfuls of poisonous drugs has been a tough task. Fortunately, I have recently found one such human being, and may be onto a pathway to recovery.

Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapy:

- Teddy Grahams

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