Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Rainbow Princess

When I gaze inwards from the edge of the forest, I see her.  

I sing.
She sings.

I dance.
She dances.

I cry.
She cries.

I smile.
She smiles.

This girl is my soul.


Unhealthy you say?
If you only knew her the way I do.

She is nothing short of dazzling,
authentically wild and true.


I wish I could be as wild as her,
so vividly pristine, gushing with life.

But things are complicated.
In this life you must be black or white.
Nothing else.

She understands,
as she always does,
but the middle confuses everyone else.

Or is it the edges?

Truths are rare in this foggy reality.
Anger and confusion overwhelm.
Hate and fear run amok.

They do not like to look within,
those people,
those common folk.
The fear stems here.

The whole world is afraid.
Afraid of me, afraid of you, afraid of anything that glows.
Vibrant hues are ostensibly overlooked.
The masses fear colors.

The masses fear her.

But I fear not!
I am in love with this girl,
this glowing, brilliant being,
and that will never change
as she is held captive,
by me.

Yes, I hold her hostage.
But true, too, she holds me.

We each have no choice,
as the laws of nature have molded us together.

How silly it is to separate.

These colors I see?
I see them because of her.

Together we bathe in a vast kaleidoscopic ocean.

This girl is my rainbow princess,
and without her, I am colorblind.

- Teddy Grahams

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