Thursday, March 24, 2011

Study: Facebook Users More Narcissistic And Lonely

"'Firstly, Facebook users have higher levels of total narcissism, exhibitionism and leadership than Facebook non-users,' they write. 'Secondly, individuals with higher scores on exhibitionism also have higher preferences for photos and status updates (than the site’s other features).'

These findings 'substantiate the proposition that Facebook is particularly appealing for narcissistic and exhibitionistic people,' they conclude. 'In fact, it could be argued that Facebook specifically gratifies the narcissistic individual’s need to engage in self-promoting and superficial behavior.'

'One of the most noteworthy findings was the tendency for neurotic and lonely individuals to spend greater amounts of time on Facebook per day than non-lonely individuals,' they add. 'For lonely people in particular, it appears they are mainly using Facebook to partake in passive activities, instead of providing active social contributions.'

It’s worth repeating that these findings are exclusively from Australia, and thus not necessarily representative of Facebook’s worldwide membership. And the number of nonusers in the study was relatively small. So this study cannot be called definitive.

Nevertheless, its findings suggest narcissists use Facebook to inflate their already puffed-up egos, while lonely people passively navigate it, observing the life that is passing them by. Perhaps both groups would be better off watching a good movie — say, The Social Network."

Article in its entirety:

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