Thursday, July 7, 2011

Black And White Vision

Are religions really as black and white as they are made out to be?

From my perspective, when one starts taking religion seriously, the blacks and whites often contrast to an even greater degree.  Upon scrutinizing, the good appears more good and bad looks even more bad.  The blacks get darker and whites, brighter.   Whatever spirituality one is a part of is reassuredly white and all others are black.

People have spiritual differences because spirituality itself is tied to what one can see.  Vision, perception, and clarity are highly relevant in the spiritual realm, and seeing things differently will sway a group of people to understand their faith in different terms than others.

There is a paradoxical, deep-yet-shallow, fear-inducing societal pressure that we should have the most clear and perfect vision imaginable.  If you cannot see your set path for eternity, you may face criticism.  Your vision (or, in the case of what frequently is used, the vision of another that you choose to follow) does not have to make perfect sense.  It could be from a different era or from a land that is nothing like where you live.  Society won't mind.  Just pick one that society has already approved of and follow it, or more appropriate:  see with it.  You will most certainly be viewed in a positive manner.

Given this pressure, over the past few years I have tried to see even more black and white.  I squint and strain my eyes harder and harder, hoping to see it the correct way.

Nonetheless, as the years have passed, all that squinting and straining has actually damaged my vision.  Everything is now blurry.  Since everything has become so blurry, I am no longer able to decipher between black and white.  Everywhere I look, I only see gray.

So now with my societally imperfect vision, I am forced to look around and see things differently.  And here, once I stop squinting, a most peculiar thing happens.  Since I no longer can see the darkness of black, I am able to see in the night.  I cannot see everything, because it is still dark.  But this darkness is not black.  This darkness is a deep navy, teal, brown, and many more colors.  I like them.

And since my eyes are no longer overwhelmed by the blinding light of the bright white sun, I am able to see a plethora of bright colors too.  Brilliant marigold, smokin' saffire, neon pink, and beyond.  I like them, too!

This is joyous!  This is beautiful!  This is life!

Because of my imperfection I am given the gift of seeing a myriad of different, brilliant shades of nearly every color imaginable.

True, I cannot see pure black and white anymore, but at this point would I ever want to go back?

Embrace the colors, my friends!  Blur your perception!  And peace be with you all!

- Teddy Grahams

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