Tuesday, July 19, 2011

EPA Aims To Get Rid Of Fluoride In Pesticides

"On January 10, the Environmental Protection Agency announced a proposed order to phase out sulfuryl fluoride, an insecticide and fumigant used on stored grain, such as wheat and oats; driedfruit; coffee and cocoa beans; and other foods. It is also used as a fumigation treatment on wooden structures, against termites and other wood-boring insects. If EPA’s plan becomes final,many food uses of this fluoride-based pesticide would stop within 90 days. A three-year phaseout period would be extended for certain applications, including dried nuts and fruits and spraying in food-processing facilities such as flour mills.

The Environmental Working Group strongly supports EPA’s proposed order. It reflects a growing consensus that the American public is exposed to excessive fluoride. For decades, public health agencies have erroneously reassured the public that fluoride is entirely safe. As a result, generations of children have been exposed to amounts of fluoride that could damage teethand bones and that emerging science indicates could harm thyroid function and increase risks ofbone cancer."

Article in its entirety: http://www.ewg.org/comm/ewg-letter-epa-sulfuryl-fluoride-tolerances

This is a step in the right direction. Maybe next the EPA will recommend removing fluoride from municipal water.

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