Friday, July 22, 2011

Soul Burn

There is a price to be paid when you dance around the fire with your shadow.  

People will be drawn to you.  There will not be many, but the ones that do--those courageous individuals--they will show you their scars, their burn scars.  Can you handle this?  Can you balance safety, guidance, and love?  Might you simply add more scars to their already burnt-up souls?  Might you go through so much a difficulty to prevent this, that you end up burning yourself instead?  

Burn, you will.  You will get burnt badly.  Over and over again, each time in a differently similar way.  And who is to say the others will not get burnt just as much?

Playing with matches is dangerous, but it hasn't stopped me yet.  Why should it? To be fireless is to be dead.  

Even so, take heed:  Beware the fire.  There are great risks involved.

You have been warned.

- Teddy Grahams

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