Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thomas Berry, "Religion in the Global Human Community"

"Still, the entire dynamics of the modern world is, to an increasing degree, throwing people and societies together in close exterior proximity but without the capacity for interior communication. This failure to communicate interior human realities is the main difficulty we face. Formerly, peoples and traditions met on a limited scale, with limited personal contact, but within a fundamentally human and religious order of life. Now, communication has been intensified on the exterior without satisfactory deepening within: thus the reduction of human relations to economic, political, and social orders, with an overlay of aesthetic and the spiritual. It may seem rather distant to speak about interreligious hermeneutics in such a context, but certainly we will need to interpret our deeper selves to one another if the human venture is to meet the challenges of the future for cultural and ecological survival."

- Thomas Berry, The Sacred Universe

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