Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sexual Disarrangement


They like to categorize.
They like to compartmentalize.
They like to make you into an easily discernible, set-in-stone statistic that can be reproduced for the world to see.

There is no reading in-between the lines.
It is not allowed. 

Are you but one answer to a multiple choice question?
Is that all you are?


They make it seem like there is no such thing as "all of the above".
But even if there were, it is not much better.

You are not (a).
You are not (b).
You are not (c) .
You are not any of these!
You are much more than all of these.

You are everything.  You are nothing.

The hesitation you feel is very good.
Absolutely!  It is good to feel confused.
The talking box tells you otherwise, but you know the truth.
You do not have to listen to the men in the temples.
And the teacher?  She listens to the scantron.  
The scantron is not alive.  It does not even know you. It is dead.  

Are you straight? 
Are you gay?
Are you bi?

Ha! What a silly game.
Pinball machines smack you up, 
but you always roll back down towards whatever it is you are.

So what are you?
You are human!
Even more so, you are alive!

To say anything more is to deceive.

You are all, and all is love.

- Teddy Grahams


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