Sunday, August 14, 2011

Not Who You Think You Are

They make you, you do not make yourself.

This may be contrary to public opinion, but it is true!

Who you think or imagine yourself as is your interior identity. Interior identity (self) is not an accurate depiction of who you are if it is never effectively expressed outside of the mind in which it was born. Living in a virtual video game rather than the physical present is a good example of this concept. The video game cannot  be physical reality, and should not be treated as such.  It is purely a simulation (Some could say that "real" life is also a simulation, but even so, the video games would be nothing more than parallels to this simulation.  They cannot replace what we are all living out right now).

Your outward identity is vastly affected by the type of audience that is present. If people think you are a certain way, they will intentionally and unintentionally train others around them to view you the same way, thereby limiting the outward scope of your true and passionate expressions. This ultimately traps you within predefined conditions of who you are (to everyone else except yourself).

Labels rampantly destroy. If you are always around a crowd of people who view you as the conservative religious girl, it becomes that much harder to even think about being anything else. Likewise, if people see you as the overtly analytical philosophizing boy and little else, then more often than not, that is what you will continue to be.  Even if the label is partly true, it still limits who you are because it places greater emphasis on one part of you rather than your entirety.

The way to overcome the chains of constrictive labeling is through the act of mystery. Mysteriousness cures judgement and its associated limiting factors.

Mysteriousness is not simply acting strange or mystically cooky. People do that all the time and often end up getting judged and misperceived even more. In fact, maybe mystery is such a loaded word that other descriptions are needed.

Instead of being stereotypically mysterious, be covertly naked. Toss aside all affiliations, wash away your past, and blur the future.  Do not be afraid to show any part of who you are. Bare it all, even if it feels uncomfortable (which it should, sometimes).  Do not be afraid of you!  Do not be afraid of others being afraid of you!

Of course, if you are going to effectively "bare it all", you should not run around naked in front of Grandma.  Sometimes going barefoot is extreme enough.  Be smart with it.  Find balance.

To sum it up, wander alone. Don't be your Facebook profile. Be you. Intuition will guide.

Sparkle. Glimmer. Fail. Smile. Go crazy!

Be the lighthouse in the fog on a treacherously rocky island terrain amidst a horizon brimming with pirate ships (to make things exciting). But do not expect to "lead" anyone, only yourself.


- Teddy Grahams


  1. I adore your blog: biggest respect and admiring. greetings teddy! thank you

  2. Hey, Falcondawn! Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it.


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