Sunday, October 16, 2011

Inclusive Spirituality

"Recently as part of my deep studies of the Tarot I received a teaching that stated, everything is spiritual because everything is spirit. A very simple statement I know but one that at least for me even though I might mentally agree with it and understand it was not something I really lived on a daily basis. I didn’t BEHAVE as if I truly realized it. From this point of view there is nothing that is not spiritual, there is no action that is not spiritual, there simply cannot be. The result of the deep contemplation of this was a great expansion and a redefining of my spirituality to essentially include everything in my life. Now its not so much of a challenge to walk around and see trees, the sky, cute little kittens and lovely works of art as manifestations of spirit. But what about people you detest? What about the aspects of your personality you’ve struggled with the most? What about sexuality? What about destruction? What about your fears?

When spirituality is compartmentalized we create a concept out of it and then proceed to judge ourselves, other people and our experience based on that concept. However that concept is not real except in our minds and it creates separation which cuts us off from reality. Whatever our concept of spirituality is it is in some way problematic because its limited and spirit knows no such limits. Spirit is life itself, the ever flowing life energy of the entire cosmos of which we are a unique expression, just as we are now. Our personalities being a vehicle for the creative expression of Divine Will. We are the means by which the universe becomes aware of itself in an infinite number of forms and actions. Some of those forms are considered beautiful and some are considered horrible but ALL are spirit. There is no form or expression in existence which is not Divine."

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