Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ripening The Soul

"Each soul harbors a garden where a true story dwells in seed form and waits to be watered with attention and nourished with genuine emotion. The roots of the soul are eternal, yet the braces reach into time and would bear fruit amongst the living. If a person has found a path of meaning in the world, the inner fruits ripen and become a resource and nourishment inside as well as a source of sweetness and reassurance to those we encounter on the way.

If the fruits of the soul fail to ripen they bear a bitter legacy that leaks into life.  This inner bitterness tarnishes the subtle beauty of the world and eats away at the roots of meaning. Bitterness and wisdom cannot dwell in the same place. Unless something ripens within and becomes as a fruit ready to be shared and enjoyed a person grows bitter with age. Bitter or sweet, the soul tends to grow one way or the other."

"People argue about the source and meaning of evil acts found in all parts of this world where light and dark mix as often as day and night exchange places. An old meaning of evil was simply 'unripe.' Until the soul begins to grow towards its own sense of fullness and awareness it remains unripe, 'green' in the wrong way. If the inner motion of the soul be strongly denied the fruits become bitter and vile as the rejected inner seeds spread conflict and division.

No amount of good intentions or positive ideas can remove evil from this world; only that more people learn to ripen the seeds they carry within and find ways to assist meaningful and purposeful things to blossom and ripen in the garden of reality. When something in this world becomes ripe and ready it becomes 'good;' 'good enough to eat,' and beautiful to behold.  Until then it remains like unripened fruit, more likely to produce sour grapes and bitter feelings."

- Michael Meade,  The World Behind The World

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