Tuesday, December 20, 2011


"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction."

- Albert Einstein


  1. What does it mean, to be simple? The reality of most things can lie within how complex they are.

  2. Simplicity to me is riding in a hot air balloon and not trying to turn it around. Simplicity is going with the flow and accepting that which is out of one's hands. Being mindful with words is simplicity, as is living without clocks, among other things.

    When I think of complexity I think of a hydroelectric dam, or geoengineers who are currently trying to figure out how to control weather and climate. I think of individuals who look onto their cell phones or laptops to check what the temperature is outside of their house. Industrial civilization (and actually many civilizations before it) reminds me of complexity, emphasizing the "bigger and better" ideology (skyscrapers, pyramids, etc.).

    Given that the above quote is from Albert Einstein, I think the intention of this message is that the more scientifically and technologically sophisticated we as a culture become, the easier it is to lose touch, socially with others and spiritually with ourselves. I picture the stereotypical college professor who is so smart that he no longer is able to effectively reach his students. The true magic lies in harnessing the sophistication of life all-the-while understanding the simplifications of its existence - not letting complexity consume one's soul.

    Go with the flow, steer through it, but don't stop the current: Simplicity.

  3. complex means dependence for me. so independence is simplicity.

    life is simple usually as i learned on basics: sleeping, breathing, moving, resting, eating, reproduction, drinking, etc.

    above that are some higher civil goals: family, job, house, etc. it goes even higher for luxury or social establishment. see also: Maslow's hierarchy of needs.


    we depend on our planet. thats one real dependence we have - earthbound almost. etc. bla bla ;-D

    Greetings Teddy and all followers.

    Merry Christmas.

    "Mahatma Terrahugging (not) By(i)ting" ;-)


  4. Hey Falcondawn, thanks for your input. Are you saying that simplicity would suggest placing more emphasis on the needs which are lower on the pyramid? And then complexity overlooks the importance of having a stable foundation for the pyramid by placing emphasis on things higher up on the pyramid?

    Also, what does "Mahatma Terrahugging (not) By(i)ting" mean?

  5. Thank you so much for answering! Virtual hug, if I´m allowed ;-)

    It is a shape/scheme. Maslow´s interpretation. We can discuss this or that way round for hours. For sure is the chosen structure = pyramid.

    Emphasis should be placed usually on stable foundation! When too much weight is placed on higher bricks, all goes down some time. It´s getting more and more difficult to stabilize. Or variables have to be adjusted.

    It is sadly not that simple dear Grandfather Smiles. But I support first the proper fundamental idea yes. I adore simplicity, although my grandmother told us only to adore god ;-)

    Mahatma I got called by Coyoteprime from Running cause I can´t fly blogspot once. Terrahugging: I like earth/terra. Byting cause I´m surfing on net. A bit lol abstract perhaps ;-) *wink*


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