Saturday, August 18, 2012


Artwork by Grave Unicorn

"We might become suspicious of the notion that creative seeking and expression of truth can awesome our lives when we notice that many artists and poets in modern times have made wonderful objects without making wonderful lives for themselves and others. I offer that this disconnection between the beauty of artworks and the beauty of the lives lived by their creators stems from a widespread cultural failure to understand that the real purpose of the human creative capacity, and therefore of art, is not to make pretty or interesting or entertaining things, but rather to heal and to nourish, to bring us into meaning, union and depth.

The purpose of art isn't to shock or dishearten, to impress, to decorate, to mimic or to reflect -- but we've taken our creative capacity and used it towards those desolate ends because we've accepted a very deep lie without question. The lie is this: that we're separate from the power that animates the universe, that we're separate from love. The assumption flows from this premise that since we're detached from love, we can't know truth without reason or dogma to guide us. This assumption leads us to believe that our creative intuition can only be used for entertainment, reflection, and self-aggrandizement, not for revelation of real power. But revelation is the best fruit of our creative faculty."

- Carolyn Elliott, "Honesty as a Soulmaking Activity"

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